Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kelton's Top Ten Ideas for Daddy Fun Time

Toddlers, please feel free to steal these ideas when you (and dear ol' Daddy) draw a blank on what to do when you're home alone or giving Mommy a break.

1. Play "all aboard" on Daddy's back
2. Read a book
3. Play ukulele and sing silly songs
4. Jump on the bed
5. Play weeeeeeee (Daddy swings you up in the air)
6. Play airplanes or choo choos
7. Toss ball or balloon back and forth
8. Play hide 'n seek
9. Make animals from Play Doh
10. Play laughter games (Shake hands and say ha ha hee hee...)

Do you have any good ideas for spending time with Daddy?

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  1. Just had to check in on my fav nephew! Go to my blog to see what we've been up to in China.